This project provides various career enhancement programs like proficiency in Computer, language courses (mainly English, French, German, Japanese etc.) preparation for entrance exams for various jobs in the govt. and private sector, personality development, presentation skills and so on.

Project SPARK is designed to prepare talented youth to be service & industries ready. The program starts with career counselling and basis talent and skillset assessment the students are provided relevant coaching and guidance to enable them become eligible for placement in various industries /Multinational Corporations.

Project SPARK also spreads awareness towards Higher Education, Environment Consciousness, Cleanliness (Swachchta), Social Problems /Evils and the responsibilities of a good citizen in eradication of the evils.

The participants of various programs are expected to spread the knowledge gained from the program and become a better youth and contribute towards Nation Building and promote Harmony among fellow countrymen.

Let’s make a better India.

Let us make a better tomorrow

Let’s start now!

Volunteers are welcome.

Donations made towards the project are exempted from Income Tax under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act.

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