Project Sanjeevani

At TALEEM we believe that a Nation & society can prosper only when its citizens are living a healthy life. 1. Project SANJEEVANI aims to educate & spread awareness on the prevention and control of various diseases like AIDS control, Diabetes; Cardio Vascular Diseases; family planning; Mother-Child Care- including pre & post natal care, vaccinations, malnutrition amongst children. 2. Special emphasis is given to sanitation, general hygiene, (both personal & Community), waste disposal methods, clean drinking water, pollution free heating and lighting devices. 3. As part of the project, we also provide help and support to the economically weaker sections of the society in getting treatment of various ailments. 4. At our Vasantkunj centre we conduct various sessions with the children around maintaining personal hygiene and cleanliness. Health kits are also distributed to the children to get them into the habit of using the basics like a toothbrush, taking daily baths, washing hands etc. 5. Special sessions on ‘Good Touch / Bad Touch ‘ are also held with the girls and boys separately