Primary Education @ Gurugram Centre

Childhood is an integral part of life with a value of its own; children are not a homogenous group and their needs requires different responses, especially the multi-dimensional vulnerabilities experienced by children in different circumstances; hence an integrated and inclusive approach is necessary for the overall and harmonious development and protection of children;  As part of Project Sunshine our second center in Gurugram aims to ensure that all underprivileged children who are not studying in any formal schooling environment are provided with education to earn a livelihood. The children belong to nearby slum areas and their parents are essentially rag pickers. The children are also working as rag pickers to support their families and manage two square meals a day. They are not enrolled in any formal education system and it is our endeavor to provide them with the basics of education and give them an environment as close to a school setup as possible. At the center the children are given basic educational material including coloring books, Beginner level English, Hindi and Mathematics books, stationery including pencils, erasers, coloring pencils/ crayons and educational toys. A small snack is also given as a daily meal to ensure they are eating healthy at least once a day.