Childhood is an integral part of life with a value of its own. children are not a homogenous group and their needs requires different responses, especially the multi-dimensional vulnerabilities experienced by children in different circumstances; hence an integrated and inclusive approach is necessary for the overall and harmonious development and protection of children.

Project Sunshine is an initiative of TALEEM Society to ensure that children are given opportunities and facilities to develop in a healthy manner in conditions of freedom and dignity, and prevent childhood from exploitation and moral and material abandonment.

Project Sunshine aims to awaken the conscience of the community to protect children from all form of abuse, ensure that children from underprivileged section get equal access to comprehensive (preventive & curative) health care, nutrition, education and development, and unbiased treatment to girl child in every field.

Project Sunshine aims to promote safe and enjoyable engagement of child’s primary Education with new technology in accordance with their age & level of maturity.

Project Sunshine aims to ensure that all underprivileged children who are not studying in any formal schooling environment – (who are abused as child labor, trafficked into various places, on the street begging for a living, victims of alcohol and substance abuse, children in areas of civil unrest, orphans, children with disability (mental and physical ) , children with chronic ailments , married children, children of manual scavengers, children of sex workers, children of prisoners, etc.) are provided with education and livelihood.