We offer internships at Lucknow and various parts of Delhi throughout the year.

Internships are also available during specific period for different project of your choice.

Internship does not involve teaching children, for that check out our regular volunteering opportunities.

Fellowship Program

If you have a few months of free time after college, between jobs or you are interested to check out how it is to work for a non-profit, then this is the program for you !

Fellowships are suitable for, dynamic young people capable of picking up multiple responsibilities.

Internship & Fellowship

Full/part time, willing to work flexible hours and on weekends.

We will provide you a certificate at the end of the engagement.

All of us have some skills and talents that can be shared with children/ undergraduates/uneducated adults as part of their learning and fun activity. It can be Art, Music, Sport, Yoga / Physical exercises, Dancing, drawing cartoons, Mental Math, Science experiment & tricks or special skills of making pottery, quelling, stitching, etc.