which means Education (in Urdu language) was founded in 2012 by a group of academicians, teachers, professionals and enthusiastic youth with the aim of empowering children and youth of economically weaker sections, through relevant and career oriented education using modern teaching concepts and technical assistance.


we believe that quality education is not only a fundamental right of every child but a medium that can empower the youth. To achieve this, multiple projects have been outlined by the society. Brief outline of our projects are given below:


    Project SPARK is based on providing extra edge to underprivileged youth from various section of society, who deserve and aspire but fall short of expectation due to various reasons (both social & financial). As part of the Project, we are running special classes for the underprivileged youth (under grads/ graduates) in English Speaking and personality development, preparation for various clerical grade exams of the government of India, banks etc.


    Project Sanjeevani, which means immortal or Life Giving aims to educate & spread awareness on the prevention and control of various diseases; family planning; vaccinations, malnutrition amongst children and especially girls. Special emphasis is given to sanitation, general hygiene, clean drinking water etc.


    Project Shilp aims to provide vocational training to the youth to equip them with skills necessary to become financially independent eg. Beauty Culture, computers, tailoring, electrical, photography etc.